Bottled Water Also Does Not Conform To International Standard

Recently, amid questions arising about the quality of water, the government is preparing to make the water clean in lines with the international standards. Surprisingly, even bottled water sold in the country does not conform to international standards. The World Health Organization (WHO) changed the standards of bottled water last year, but the Bureau of Indian Standards and FSSAI have not upgraded their standards to international standards.

A senior official of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) said that the BIS and FSSAI standards for bottled water are different from the international standards. This difference is not only in bottled water, but also in mineral water. The WHO had issued some guidelines in July 2017 regarding chemicals in bottled water, but the BIS has not yet implemented these guidelines. BIS says that in the second week of December, a committee of experts will meet and there these guidelines will be put for consideration.

BIS states that the BIS standards for bottled water were created in 2016, BIS will review these standards in 2021 thoroughly. The last amendment was made by BIS in October 2018 regarding mineral water. A senior BIS official said that the WHO has not made any changes regarding the quality of mineral water. Nevertheless, the committee of experts will meet to discuss the WHO quality standards and thereby review the standards.

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